High Voltage Certification

Qualification Level 2E (FHV)


This specialization program aims to train professionals in High Voltage systems applied to vehicles:

  • Hybrid vehicles (HEV).
  • Plug-in hybrids vehicles (PHEV).
  • Electric vehicles (EV)

Based on the DGUV 209-203 training for work on vehicles with high voltage systems we offer a complete course to safely perform maintenance tasks and diagnose faults in the HV system.  

What is qualification Level 2E: Expert Person (FHV)?

Level 2E describes the expertise required to work on non-live HV systems. This training level includes all work performed on HV systems in the non-live state. This requires decommissioning and recommissioning of the HV systems in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, or application and performance of at least the first three of the “Five Safety Rules”.

Working on the vehicle.

To know these technologies in detail, it is necessary to work on the vehicle, applying theoretical knowledge to the vehicle. We offer the student different hybridization technologies and a great number of practical exercises, so that they could perform repairs in high voltage systems safely. 

On the other hand, we teach the student to take measurements and analyze parameters with diagnostic tools to determine faults in the hybrid system.

  • Basic electrical knowledge.
  • Electrical hazards and first aid.
  • Measures for protection against electric shock and fault arcs.
  • Organization of safety and health for work on HV components.
  • Specialist and man-management responsibility.
  • Employee qualification in the area of electrical engineering vs. HV technology.
  • Use of HV systems in vehicles.
  • Structure and function of electrical systems in vehicles.
  • Online training.
  • In-person training at our facilities in Malaga, Spain.

Total: 36h

  • 12h theory (online)
  • 24h practices on the vehicle. 3 days (8h/day).

October 2024

ing. Ángel Unda (CEO Grupo ATD).

4 students per group to optimize the learning quality. 

Hybrid training
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